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Case Study: Millie Lawler

Millie is a T Level Health (Nurse Cadets) student - read on to learn about her story!

Case Study

Student Millie Lawler 

Which T Level are you taking? 

Health (Nurse Cadets) 

In brief, could you talk about your experience of the T Level you’re doing? 

I started in September and didn’t know anybody but I quickly started to make more friends; it’s nice going into a new place where everyone is welcoming. It’s exciting and you get to learn different aspects, doing a lot of role-play of situations which might arise if you were on placement. Every day is different and Lynsey [Taylor, lecturer in health and social care] is so down to Earth and puts your mindset in a great place. I live near Wigton so I get two buses to come here but as soon as I had my interview Lynsey sold me on the college and the course; it is as good as you can get in the area. 

How do you find the classroom-based learning? 

You do have exams and things like that but there is a lot of variation in the way you are taught and you have a closer relationship with your tutor than in school so they know your strengths and weaknesses and how you learn best. It’s not just sitting down and writing; there is plenty of teamwork, talking with different peers, the technical side and also giving presentations. I was very shy when I started but the T Level has really built up my confidence. 

Do you feel more confident about your professional future and why?  

Yes. A T Level sets you up for whatever you want to do next, whether that’s becoming a paramedic, teaching, going to uni or starting an apprenticeship. 

What do you plan to do next, after you complete your T Level? 

I haven’t made my mind up but university is an option. 

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Millie Lawler