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Before applying for a Higher Education course...

Make sure to familiarise yourself with the documents below

Essential Information

Essential information

As a provider of higher education and training, the college is expected to be transparent about the courses offered. This is so applicants clearly understand what the college will provide in exchange for any course fees.

On this page you will find a range of documents which offer guidance on your rights and the college’s higher education terms and conditions for students studying higher education at Lakes College.

In enrolling as a student at Lakes College you are accepting these terms and conditions, and they will form part of your contract.

Please note:

• Every student of Lakes College becomes liable for tuition fees upon enrolment

• Reimbursement of these fees is at the discretion of the College’s Finance team

• Tuition fees are not normally refunded to or in respect of a student who withdraws or is excluded during the session

Further reports and documents

Further reports and documents

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is an independent body entrusted with monitoring and advising on standards and quality in UK higher education. The college works closely with the QAA to ensure that students working towards a UK qualification get the experience they are entitled to expect.

You can view the current QAA academic review of Lakes College here, and you can see the action plan to ensure the standards are being met by the college here.

If you’re thinking about your uni choices, the Discover Uni website can help to inform you of your options.