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Learning Resource Centre

Within the LRC you’ll find a well stocked library, 42 computer workstations, 132 study spaces, and experienced staff to help you find what you need.


The centre has been designed to bring together a range of learning facilities in an attractive, purpose-built environment, which is the biggest of its kind within the region. Well designed furniture and a modern layout provide a pleasant and functional study environment with spectacular views of the fells.

What we offer

You should receive an induction visit to the LRC with the rest of your class at the beginning of your course but don’t forget – if you get stuck, the staff are here to help. Just ask!

The LRC has a physical stock of books related to specific subject areas; as well as providing access to an expanding range of e-resources. There are also books for leisure reading available for loan, and a variety of magazines and newspapers.

Our computerised catalogue is easy to use and will allow you to quickly find books by a specific author and on particular subjects.

Our experienced staff are here to help you find the books and information that you need.  We can let you know whether a particular book is in stock or if it can be reserved for you to collect.

We have many computers and laptops available, providing access to the internet, e-mail, Microsoft Office packages and course-specific software resources. The LRC staff will be able to help you with any problems relating to computer access.

All students receive an initial allocation of £6.00, which equates to 600 sheets of paper. Extra print credit can be requested at the LRC helpdesk.

The main LRC has computers and tables suited for group work and individual private study. The HE and Professional Studies area is available to HE students and includes classrooms, study rooms and computers.

Many items of stationery are available from the LRC helpdesk.

The LRC has 2 printers/photocopiers. To print or photocopy work, students simply scan their LCWC ID Card.  If you require help with any of the machines please ask one of the LRC staff.

VALNOW is part of the University of Central Lancashire and provides a service for all Higher Education students doing Foundation Degrees through Lakes College. On completion of a UCLAN registration form you will be entitled to inter library loans, photocopies of journal articles and access to e-books and e-journals. Further information can be obtained from the University website.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are allowed to borrow 5 books at any one time for a period of two weeks.  If you would like to extend your loan, you can request this at the LRC desk.

As long as no one else has reserved it you can ask to have it renewed for a further one or two weeks. In College, you can come to the LRC Help Desk with your LCWC Student ID Card. To renew from home, either phone 01946 839320, or email, and tell us your name and LCWC Student ID number (printed on your LCWC Student ID Card).

We do not charge fines as our concern is simply to get the books back so that they can be available for other students to use.
If overdue books are not returned after two weeks, you will receive an email reminder to return your books, and will be blocked from taking out additional loans.
If overdue books are not returned after four weeks you will receive another email reminder to return your books, and your college progress and welfare coach will be informed.
If overdue books are not returned after six weeks, you will be notified by email that your borrowing account has been closed, and you will need to visit the LRC help desk to restore your account.

Just ask at the Help Desk.  If the book is out on loan we can place a reservation for you so that you can borrow it as soon as it is returned.  We will also check whether the book is available electronically and let you know whether you may be able to access it online.

If students need help with finding information, the LRC staff will be happy to provide advice and assistance. Just ask at the Help Desk.

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If you have any queries please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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