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Catering & Hospitality

Take a look at the Lake District, and it’s easy to see why Hospitality & Tourism are at the heart of west Cumbria’s local economy.


With ever-increasing visitors to the Lake District each year, there’s a growing range of career opportunities throughout the region; from working in the great outdoors to working in the kitchen, the career paths in these subjects are diverse, making room for all sorts of ambitions and passions. Lakes College can help you decide on the best career path – whether you dream of running your own hotel, or delighting customers with your creations in the kitchen, we have the right course for you. We’re on the doorstep of one of the biggest tourist areas in the UK, so to have an exciting, skilled department that will give you amazing opportunities at college and beyond, is not just a smart idea – it’s essential.

We’ve got great professionals in the kitchen, who can show you how to source the best ingredients and learn highly desirable technical skills, such as smoking and foraging. That’s why our graduates have worked with some of the best in the industry, Simon Rogan and Jean Christophe Novelli to name just two. Plus, as a Lakes College catering/hospitality student, you’ll also have access to a fantastic range of enrichment activities – last year, our catering students were chosen to appear on BBC One’s The One Show to take part in a taste experiment, and they got to cater for royalty when HRH The Prince of Wales when he visited the newly refurbished Rosehill Theatre!

Did you know?

Our students operate their very own fine-dining establishment here at Lakes College – Graduates Restaurant.

Using fresh ingredients and the first-hand industry knowledge provided by our tutors (who have worked in some of the best restaurants in the country), our students produce food that Gordon Ramsay would be proud of – at a fraction of the cost!

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By joining one of our Hospitality & Catering courses, you’re guaranteed to experience teaching from some of the best chefs and experts that west Cumbria has to offer!

“Imitating my favourite celebrity chefs at Christmas time whilst they created festive meals was a fond memory of my childhood. My passion for cooking grew as I got older so it was only natural for me to come to College to study Catering and Hospitality to pursue my dream of travelling the world on cruise ships as a chef.”

Kearon Reid

Case study

Interested in an action-packed career?

Interested in an action-packed career?

Cumbria’s new Tourism Talent Hub is a showcase for the huge variety of exciting roles on offer in our county’s vibrant tourism sector.

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