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Changemakers at Lakes College

Make a difference and help to shape the future of Lakes College

What is a changemaker?

Changemakers are a brand-new group who act as a voice for learners at Lakes College.

Their primary role is to discover what learners are thinking across the college and find out what kind of improvements they would like to see, before sharing these thoughts with executives and directors in order to implement changes and improve the college.

  • Voice student concerns and ideas 
  • Organise college activities, campaigns and clubs 
  • Lead change that makes the college a better place to study in and belong to 
  • Represent students who feel unable to speak out

Who can become a changemaker?

Anyone who is studying at Lakes College and wants to make a change can become a Changemaker!

How can I get involved?

Here’s your chance to champion and represent the views of students, and influence and lead on student-led change for the benefit of all your fellow learners at the college.

Complete the form below to sign up to become a Changemaker today!

Changemakers - Sign Up Form

Changemakers - Sign Up Form