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Roadworks are set to be carried out at Harrington which will affect traffic to Lakes College starting from Monday, January 30th.

The roadworks will last up to six weeks and students are advised to allow plenty of time to travel to college, especially on GCSE mock exam dates – Tuesday, January 31st and Thursday, February 2nd.

Stagecoach has recommended people catching a bus into college should get on an earlier bus, particularly at the start of the first week as disruptions are at their highest during the beginning of roadworks.

All bus passes including those issued by Cumbria County Council will be accepted if different routes need to be used.


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Complaints Procedure

Lakes College, West Cumbria is committed to high standards of service in all its operations. To that end, it actively encourages all stakeholders to inform the College authorities when the standard of service they receive is not what they expect.

If you would like to provide us with a complaint or feedback, please complete the form below and a member of staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Complaint Form

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    Please provide details of your main concerns, including what events led to making the complaint or feedback, approximate dates and who was involved.
  • Section 3: Feedback made on another person's behalf

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  • (e.g. parent of a child under 18 years or guardian).
  • Section 4: Privacy

    Lakes College is committed to protecting your privacy. We collect and handle personal information that you provide on this feedback form for the purpose of investigating and responding. Lakes College will only use your information in accordance with relevant privacy and other laws. In order for us to provide services to you effectively and efficiently, we may need to share your personal information with others, such as Directors, Senior Managers and Curriculum Operation Leaders that deal with the matters identified in your feedback. If you wish to contact Lakes College who are responsible for managing the personal information that you provide on this form, please call 01946 839300 EXT 1145.
  • Section 5: Declaration

    Please declare that the information provided is true and correct.

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