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If you live in a household dependant on benefits or a low income then there are funds available if you are starting a course at Lakes College.

Funding available

If you have any questions about financial support please contact the Student Finance Team, based in the Student Services Centre which is next to reception.

You can also contact us by phone on 01946 839300 extension 1143. The funding the College has to help you with the cost of studying comes from a government fund and is public money. The assistance you receive is a discretionary award. It will always be conditional on your attendance at college. While we recognise that students face financial pressures, the funding you are applying for is not a right and the College has a duty to make sure that the funds are awarded fairly to the students most in need.

16-18 Financial Support

The College offers students aged 16-18 three bursaries.

The Guaranteed Bursary

This is a payment of £40 per week towards the costs of coming to College. To be eligible for this bursary you must be:

  • In care or a care leaver
  • In receipt of income support
  • Independent student on means tested benefit in their own right
  • Disabled and in receipt of Employment Support Allowance Disabled and in receipt of Disability Living Allowance
  • Lakes College will process the information you have provided in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. The data will be processed for purposes connected to your studies. If you are under 18 this may be shared with your parent of guardian. In addition there may be special circumstances where the Principal considers it appropriate to discuss educational reports with your parent or guardian.

The Travel Bursary

  • The County Council subsidised transport is available for eligible students who come from low income families (forms are available from Student Services or the County Council website).
  • If you have been unable to claim your free bus pass because your family is not in receipt of out-of-work benefits or you are a new student to the College then we may be able to subsidise the cost of your travel to College.

For more information please contact Student Services on 01900 839 300.

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