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Our Apprenticeship Academy programme has been created with apprentices and local employers in mind – helping you to get a head start into your future career and ‘earn while you learn’.

(Perfect for those who’d like to experience the world of work while studying their chosen subject!)

Steps Accordion

Step one (January/February 2023): Online application forms must be completed by Friday 3rd March 2023.

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Step two (February/March 2023): Depending on the requirements of the apprenticeship, candidates may be invited to aptitude testing to assess their suitability.

Step three (March 2023): You will be invited to attend interview skills and CV development training with the college in order to support their applications.

Step four (April 2023): Applications will be screened by Lakes College before being shared with employers, who will shortlist for interview.

Candidates who do not gain an apprenticeship at this stage will receive further support to pursue future opportunities and invited to an interview at college to discuss options.

Step five (May 2023): Lakes College will notify applicants who have secured an apprenticeship, followed by a formal offer sent by the employer subject to a school report or reference.

As above, any candidates who do not gain an apprenticeship at this stage will be supported by Lakes College with their options.

Step six: The employer will send detailed information relating to their apprenticeship programme to the candidate if they are selected.

Step seven (August/September 2023): Apprentices will start with their employer in September after an induction in August.

Apprenticeship Academy cards

A woman works on a machine in an engineering workshop

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is hands-on training in the workplace where you earn while you learn.

Apprentices are supported by their employer and Lakes College, learning the knowledge, skills and behaviours to allow them to thrive in their role.

At the end of an apprenticeship, an End-Point Assessment is completed to confirm the apprentice has successfully achieved the required standard.

A tutor explains to a student how to complete a task

What is Lakes College's role?

Lakes College is the training provider, working with employers to recruit the right apprentice and supporting their development.

Our technically-qualified teachers and coaches deliver learning in college and in the workplace.

Lakes College supports apprentices throughout their apprenticeship to successful completion of the End-Point Assessment.

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What is the employer's role?

The employer pays the apprentice’s wages and provides on-the-job experience which meets the requirements of the apprenticeship.

This includes mentoring and support in the workplace, training opportunities and employment for the duration of the apprenticeship.

What are knowledge, skills and behaviours?

Knowledge, skills and behaviours are the core elements of an apprenticeship.

Knowledge makes up the theory and understanding of the work.

Skills are the practical and technical elements of completing the tasks.

Behaviours are the development of the apprentice’s professionalism.

What is an End-Point Assessment?

The End-Point Assessment is the final stage of an apprenticeship.

An assessor, independent of the employer and training provider, will confirm the apprentice has developed the knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined in the apprenticeship standard for the role.

Backed by employers

We’re working with employers including:

  • Morgan Sindall
  • Story Contracting
  • Tweddle Engineering
  • TSP Engineering
  • Peterson
  • National Nuclear Laboratory
  • West House
  • Toddler Town
  • Parkfield Nursery
  • Lake District Hotels
  • Nuclear Waste Services

Apprenticeship vacancies

Join today to be in the running for roles including:

  • Civil engineering/built environment
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Quality engineer
  • Business admin
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Nuclear technician
  • Health physics monitor
  • Nuclear scientist or engineer
  • Adult care worker or practitioner
  • Early years

Why employers choose Lakes College

Final comments

During all steps, if any applicant fails to make it to the next stage, the dedicated admissions and careers team at Lakes College will offer one-to-one advice and guidance to secure an alternative option. Lakes College offers full-time courses covering a whole range of subjects.

See our latest mini guide here.


*Dates and details are subject to change. We will notify all applicants of any changes.

To find out more about the Apprenticeship Academy, call 01946 839 300, option 2.