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Student Work Placements

Support the next generation by providing placement opportunities for our learners with your business or organisation


Full-time learners at Lakes College are required to complete a set amount of work experience every year, which usually amounts to 37 hours; the equivalent to a full working week. These work placements are voluntary and come at no cost to the employer. Our Work Placement Coordinators work with local companies to secure hands on, relevant placements to give students the best possible experience that will benefit their learning.

The format of the 37 hours can be flexible depending on the needs of the employer, convenience, and the students’ studies and availability. This may be a full working week (Mon-Fri) or, in other situations, it can be spread over a few weeks, with a number of days allocated per week (e.g. one day for five weeks).  In some cases, students are required to do two days each week in placement for the duration of their course. This is mainly at Level 3 and applies to Childhood Studies and Health and Social Care students.

Learners on our T Level programmes complete an industrial placement for a minimum of 315 hours over the duration of the two-year course.

The students will participate in a series of preparation exercises and processes to ensure that they perform to the highest standards in any placement they are set. These include attendance monitoring and mock interviews to ensure that they perform well in the workplace.


Workforce diversity
As a whole workforces are getting older. Taking a work experience placement student can diversify your workforce and bring new ideas and the latest in training into your company.

Potentially add value to the business
Students are being taught with the latest policies and procedures in mind. A new perspective on things could potentially add value to your business through new ideas or processes.

Shape new members of your field
Through the work placement feedback system, you can have your chance to give your opinion and ideas on how the people entering your field are being trained.

The chance to identify new talent
The traditional interview process can be short, and can produce an image of a potential employee that isn’t totally accurate. Work placement allows you to assess a possible new employee over a period of time, and therefore better evaluate their potential.

Test Apprenticeship viability
An apprentice can be an excellent way to expand your business and help shape the skills and attitude of a future employee. Taking a work placement student allows you to ‘test-run’ whether this process would be right for your business or company, without the long-term commitment.

Real world exposure to the workplace
Education and the working world are very different. Work placement allows students to prepare for the work environment by gaining a week’s experience in a workplace.

Practical chance to develop employability skills
Punctuality, attendance, presenting well and creating a CV are all skills students need to take into the working world. Work placement allows students to practice these skills and work with a real world company.

Applying theoretical knowledge to practical applications
Learning a skill and implementing it can be quite different. Allowing students to practice and implement their theoretical skills in a work environment gives them a better understanding of their career and a new perspective on learning.


We have strict expectations of students which include:

  • Abide by all company policies and procedures
  • Follow guidelines and procedures set by Lakes College
  • Be respectful and well presented at all times
  • Be punctual and attend all days agreed

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If you are interested in taking on students for work experience, please contact one of our Work Placement Coordinators on 01946 839300.

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