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Application Tips

Read our top tips for writing an outstanding application!


Every college application is different and the variety in writing style and content helps each individual to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Top 10 tips for applications

1) Start early- too much time is always better than too little time

2) Research and explore- there are so many options available that you may not even be aware of, take the time to weigh up your choices

3) Ask somebody to read your work- you will have read the same words hundreds of times. A fresh pair of eyes and new opinions can be very beneficial

4) Think ahead- take into consideration what your career goals are and how your educational choices will potentially influence your future

5) Follow requirements, they are there for a reason- if you are asked to write a maximum of four pages, don’t try and “fluff it out” with six pages. Go for quality over quantity.

6) Proof read- nobody wants an application from somebody talking about “there” achievements

7) Double check you have sent all the required information

8) Do not take shortcuts- missing information is a potential sign that you are not dedicated or keen on the course

9) Personalise your application- don’t use words or phrases that you aren’t familiar with or wouldn’t normally use. Stick to what you know and like, this way your personality and style will shine through.

10) Demonstrate your interest- rather than focusing on what is interesting about you, try and highlight what you are interested in.


Things to remember after you apply:

  • If you apply online you will receive an acknowledgement
  • Providing you meet the entry criteria you will be put forward to the interview stage
  • You will be informed of interview dates and requirements. These vary on a monthly basis
  • Please note that missing interviews can lead to your application being removed from our system
  • Following a successful interview, you will be sent a formal offer for a place on your chosen course

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