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Advanced Learner Loans

The Advanced Learner Loan is a government-funded loan to help learners. It’s easy to apply for, doesn’t take your household income into account and doesn’t involve a credit check.


If you’re aged 19 or over and you want to study A Levels, an Access to Higher Education Diploma, or a Level 3 to 6 Vocational Qualification, you’ll need to pay your college or training organisation for the cost of your course.

Most learners aged 19 or over who apply will qualify for these loans from the UK government, through Student Finance England (SFE). You can apply for an Advanced Learner Loan online. The loans application process will begin in March/April 2021 for the 2021/22 academic year.

Key facts

  • Your household income isn’t taken into account

  • There’s no credit check

  • You won’t have to pay anything back until your annual income is over £25,000, if your income drops below this amount repayments stop.

  • Each month you pay back 9% of any income over £25,000.


Your income per year Monthly repayments
£25,000 and under No repayments
£27,000 £15
£31,000 £45
£33,000 £60

Your step-by-step guide on how to apply

  1. Choose one of our eligible courses
  2. Apply for your chosen course online or complete an application form
  3. Attend an interview and receive an acceptance letter
  4. The College will provide you with details of how to apply for the loan. You cannot apply for the loan until you receive a ‘learning and funding information letter’ from the College
  5. Apply for your loan online – if you have a valid passport your loan can be approved in minutes.
  6. You will receive a letter from Student Finance England (SFE) to tell you if you have been approved
  7. Start your course – September 2017 onwards
  8. The College will inform SFE of your attendance after two weeks
  9. SFE pay the loan direct to the college for your fees

Further information

Further information details

For further information, contact our Student Services team on 01946 839300 or visit the National Careers Service website. You can also apply online here.

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