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Next Steps Programme

Next Steps prepares learners by developing and enhancing the skills needed to successfully transition into adulthood in line with their peers.

Course Description

Learners will receive an ambitious and tailored curriculum that meets the individual learners needs and their journey towards Preparation for Adulthood. Learners will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to develop their independence, manage their own health and wellbeing, become an involved member of their community and plan for future learning and employment.

All learners will receive an education that enables them to achieve the best possible outcomes. They will also develop confidence, resilience and be able to communicate their own needs to successfully transition into adulthood.


Learners will develop knowledge, skills and behaviours which prepare them for their transition into adulthood. Learners are then ready for the next steps of their pathway into education, employment, or training. They will gain meaningful experiences and learning opportunities that will shape their journey, meeting their individual needs, interests, and aspirations.

Teachers have the knowledge, understanding and experience to enable learners with SEND & EHCPs to access a curriculum which supports the learners transitioning into adulthood. Teaching is designed around an ambitious curriculum that will challenge and motivate learners to reach their full potential.

Teachers will use assessments to establish learners starting points, which will inform the delivery of teaching and identify learning support interventions.

The resources, materials and learning opportunities teachers use, are designed, and delivered through meaningful classroom activities, enrichment experiences and work placements. This creates a learning environment which reflects the curriculum’s ambitious intentions for the course of study.

Into a mainstream course or Pre-Supported Internship.

What your learning will look like

What you will learn

  • Learners will develop independence through raising self-esteem by taking part in team building activities.
  • Develop a range of communication skills such as assertiveness and articulate ideas, thoughts, and opinions in a presentable and coherent manor.
  • Actively taking part in voluntary work experiences outside of the college which will improve their employability skills. Learners will also take part in personal hygiene and independent travel.
  • Practical numeracy, literacy, and digital skills
  • An enrichment of activities to further build confidence and social skills through peer support

How to apply

How to apply

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