So many careers start with Business. Whether you’re looking to work your way up the corporate ladder of big business, become an entrepreneur at the head of your own enterprise or find a future in marketing, HR or finance, it all starts here.


We expect West Cumbria to see growth across the sector, with many new businesses and increased opportunity for a variety of roles. For the entry-level office administration jobs, salaries start at around £13,000. But with a range of specialisms to branch out into, your evolution knows no limit.

Business Analysts earn around £45,000 and experienced IT managers can expect £75,000 or more – remember every multi-million pound business began its life as a fledgling start-up.

I have learned many universal skills since starting my Business Administration course which will help me succeed in any job; however my ambition is to be my own boss and open my own ladies boutique. I feel confident that this is the first step to help me achieve this dream.

Paria Faezi