Health & Social Care

From hospitals to care homes to nurseries, there are a vast array of institutions, organisations and businesses. The health & social care sector is one of the biggest employers in West Cumbria – and the UK as a whole.


This department has grown over the last few years to one of the largest departments in the college. Assisted by the excellent reputation with both students and employers, it has become the provider of choice when it comes to pursuing a career in nursing, care or social care. The course not only gives you the academic ability that employers and universities expect, it provides you with work experience related to the field you are interested in, essential to pursue a career or to study a degree in these fields.

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NHS employs 1.4m people while 1.6million people work in social care logo
The best thing about my course is the opportunity to go on different work placements. I’m really looking forward to my placement with a community nurse and gaining some real experience. It will build up my skills and give me a better chance of gaining a place at University.

Jodie Curwen