Choose Your Own Path To Becoming A Mechanical Engineer


  • GROWTH: 6.7% increase in demand over the next 4 years.
  • ENTRY WAGE: £25,000
  • EARNING POWER: £62,000


  • A Levels
  • BTEC Diploma
  • Apprenticeship

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Smiling learner holding a clip board with green grass in the background
Mechanical engineer jobs set to increase by 6.7% over the next 4 years

I made the decision to retrain in a different industry and chose to follow in my dad’s footsteps and study electrical engineering. I joined the Access to Higher Education course.  This prepared me for university level learning, and once I had completed the course I enrolled on the HNC in Electrical Engineering. I was also lucky enough to gain employment throughout my studies, initially working as a Trainee Electrical Engineer for North West Projects at West Lakes Science Park. While studying for my HNC, I was promoted and became a fully qualified Electrical Engineer.