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Policing students experience constabulary life

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  • News date: Mar '22
  • News author: Liam Waite
A group of students standing at the Civil Nuclear Constabulary training centre

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POLICING students have had an exclusive look at life in the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and its £42.5 million facility as part of their Lakes College course.
Students working towards a Level 3 diploma in policing spent time at the world-class tactical Griffin Park training centre just outside the Sellafield site, which opened in 2020 and has the biggest 360-degree live fire range in Europe.
The placement gave the students a fascinating glimpse of a career in the Firearms Training Unit (FTU) of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) and strengthened links between the specialist force and the college.
Kayleigh Smith, lead work placement officer for Lakes College, said: “With many of our policing students being interested in a career with CNC at Sellafield, this is a great opportunity to see what their future career could entail.
“We are also working closely with CNC to look at the delivery of our curriculum, as well as having employer-engagement sessions with our students around the recruitment process.
“We are very grateful for the work CNC has put into this to make our students’ work placement an unforgettable experience.”
Students worked with officers and staff and were taught how the Dog Training Unit can be utilised to protect both nuclear facilities and the public.
The visit also allowed the CNC to help shape the future of policing and meet the next generation hoping to enter the industry.
This was the first cohort of students given a four-day placement and the success of the scheme has led to plans to host more throughout the academic year.
Chief Inspector Marcus Robson, Griffin Park’s Unit Commander, added: “It’s vital CNC plays a role in shaping the future of policing; and it’s also really rewarding for us to play a role in the education of local students.
“While at Griffin Park, the students were given first-hand experience of the FTU and dog unit. They also had an opportunity to learn about life within CNC, and the incredible work we do from our experienced staff, who proudly defend the UK’s nuclear sites as well as the public.
“Through these links with Lakes College, our aim is to bolster the wider recruitment drive, and it was great to see the students enjoy their time with us.”