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Beauty of parklands promoted by students

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  • News date: Feb '22
  • News author: Liam Waite
A sign with information in a woodland beauty spot

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WALKERS are being encouraged to appreciate the wonder of Workington Hall Parklands, with the help of Lakes College students.

Funding for community projects from the Robin Rigg wind farm was available to promote the parklands and, with the college having a close working relationship with Allerdale Council and Workington Nature Partnership, transitions learners were volunteered to help design signage.

The signs ask people to ‘Stop… look… listen’ and provide some background on the nature in the area.

Lecturer Jenny Proudman said: “Our transitions learners were completing an art project I was teaching.

Jenny added: “The idea was to encourage people to stop, look around them and listen to what they could hear, hence the title.

“The project was to enable learners to become more familiar with their surroundings, complete some community-based activity in a worthwhile, productive way.

“It has also helped them to use their English, Maths and digital skills in a project-based manner.

“Teamwork skills have been invaluable. Working with local employers, the learners have had to display very professional behaviours and have been fully engaged in the project, researching the species, summarising, and producing their artwork.

“When learners have seen the finished project, they have been amazed with the outcome.”

The finished product even prompted a ‘Wow’ from one of the learners involved.

Workington Nature Partnership said: “We installed some signage around Workington Hall Parklands which was designed by Lakes College students and encourages park users to take a second to notice some of what makes the park special.

“On a lovely morning like today it really wasn’t hard to stop and soak up the springtime vibes with multiple pairs of great spotted woodpeckers noisily flitting about and even drumming above us.

“The chorus of birdsong is really ramping up and with so many snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells starting to emerge it really is an exciting and hopeful time of year.”