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Anonymous Gift Giver spreads cheer round the College

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  • News date: Jan '22
  • News author: Holly Farragher

Anonymous Gift Giver spreading cheer round the College

CHRISTMAS cheer is being spread around Lakes College as part of an anonymous gesture.

Mugs filled with goodies are being gifted to staff at the Lillyhall-based college to show appreciation for the hard work and commitment which is shown on a daily basis.

Beauty therapy lecturer, Kate Johnstone, received one of the first and said: “It was such a lovely surprise.

“At such a busy time of year when we are all ready for a rest it was such a great uplift and it made my week!”

The gifts, full of sweet treats, come with a note asking the recipient to refill and pass onto another hard-working member of staff at the end of the week.

Nuclear lecturer, Michelle Humble, has also received the surprise: “It was lovely and really cheered my day up,” she said.

“I think it’s a fab idea, who doesn’t like a surprise mug of treats?”

Motor vehicle lecturer, Darren Mckelvey added: “I think it’s a great idea and a nice pick me up.

“It’s a nice feeling to be told you’re doing a good job!”

The surprises started arriving on staff member’s desks a couple of weeks ago, but no one knows who started it and no one knows who to thank for started the craze – not even Principal of the college, Chris Nattress knows who the anonymous gift giver is!

“Every single member of staff here at Lakes College does an excellent job day in, day out,” he said.

“Rewarding that excellence with a mug of appreciation is a great idea, it is a small gesture that could make someone’s day, although I haven’t had one yet of course.