Recruiting Apprentices

We are one of the largest providers of Further and Higher Education in West Cumbria. We offer a large selection of Apprenticeships at varying levels and for a variety of industries.


Apprenticeships enable employers to harness the best new talent and develop the skills of local people, as well as ensure that their workforce has the practical skills it needs both now and in the future.

We can help you find the employee you want by sourcing our best recruits from our full time courses or advertising for Apprentices on your behalf. We can help you through the whole hiring process; from shortlisting candidates to holding interviews to help you pick the best candidate for your company. We can explain all the legalities of taking on an Apprentice and even find funding to help you pay for it.

Recruiting Apprentices

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The Government have pledged to create 3 million Apprentices by 2020. Apprenticeship reforms are currently being trialled through new employer-led Apprencticeship standards. Public sector bodies will also be required to help reach the Government’s target, by making sure 2.3% of their workforce is made up of Apprentices.

Apprenticeships are also a great way to develop your existing workforce; if you already have a great employee but they need a little bit of professional development, then we can offer advice and guidance on how to set them up on their own Apprenticeship.

Still not convinced? Why not look at our Performance Summary from the Employer Satisfaction Provider Report from May 2016.

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