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Case Study: Helen Elisabeth Thrower

Learn about Helen's work with Disney Cruise Line!


We spoke to ex-student Helen Elisabeth Thrower, currently working at Enchanté Restaurant (headed by 3-star Michelin star restaurant owner Chef Arnaud Lallement) aboard the Disney Wish Cruise Line.

She took some time out of her day to call us from Port Canaveral in Florida. (Helen said that it’s a lot warmer than Cumbria!)

After being inspired by family members who had worked on cruise ships in the past, Helen took the plunge and joined the Disney Wish & it’s opening team on the maiden voyage in May 2022.

Helen's Background

Originally from Lincolnshire, Helen moved to the Lake District in 2014 due to her parent’s work commitments and began her studies at Lakes College that year.

Helen’s passion for the world of catering came from her parents – her dad used to be a baker, and her step mum came from a hospitality background. She was always surrounded by cooking and ‘fell into the industry’ but has no regrets!

Her studies at Lakes were focused on Professional Cookery and Hospitality Management, where she learned vital skills and met lots of great friends.

Disney Dreams!

Helen has formed an ‘international address book’ through her travels, and said that the whole experience has opened a lot of doors and will help with future career aspirations.

Her best advice for someone considering studying catering is to not be afraid – it will be difficult but worthwhile!

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