Tech 4 Learners Student Device Provision Programme

Key Dates

Ordering deadline: 10 September 2020

First Direct Debit: 25 September 2020


Ordering Portal Details


Username: Lakes20

Password: S3cure02!


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The COVID19 pandemic and associated controls continue into the new academic year. All learning programmes this year will consist of a mix of face-to-face and on-line learning via our Canvas Virtual Learning Programme. This is one of our control measures to ensure the safety of all our learners and staff at his time by limiting the number of people on-site at any time. On-line Canvas classes will be interactive with teachers and the class actively participating in activities. The classes will run to the usual college timetable and most will be accessible at other times for learners to revisit. You will need access to the internet and a suitable device to work on. You will be able to access Canvas on-line classes via our My Day app on your phone or another device. We recommend that you will need a device with a keyboard for some of the on-line activities and/or to submit your assignments.


About Tech 4 Learners

Tech 4 Learners is a 1:1 parental contribution programme for schools & Colleges run by financial solutions provider and educational specialists Freedom Tech, enabling us to give our students access to technology that will greatly enhance their learning experience. Freedom Tech have a strong background in education and partner with leading manufacturers and resellers in education technology. They are financially stable and wholly owned by CSI Leasing, one of the world’s largest leasing companies.


How It Works

Students will make fixed monthly payments to access the technology. There is also an option to pay in full if this is preferred. For parents and students, Tech 4 Learners offers:
The latest technology for pupils: a personalised learning device they can use at College and at home

  • Enhanced learning outcomes through consistent access to technology and powerful learning resources
  • Fully insured technology – each device is protected in the event of accidental damage or theft, for the duration of the programme
  • The ability to pay for the latest technology in manageable monthly payments
  • No personal credit checks – get up and running and contributing
  • The device is yours at the end of programme at no extra cost


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I spread the payments over?
12 & 24 Months options depending on the length of your course


Will there be any credit checks?
No everyone is approved and there aren’t any credit checks.


What is the excess on the insurance policy?
There is no excess on either the insurance or warranty and you will receive the policy details with your device.


How do I make an insurance claim?
You will be provided with a policy and claims document detailing how to make an insurance claim.


When will I receive the device?
The ordering portal is open now, All orders need to be placed by 10th September Your first direct debit will be collected on 25th September. Devices will be delivered to the College in October and will be handed out.


What happens if I miss a payment or can no longer afford the device?

You will have to return the device; you will not own the device until the final payment is made.


What if I decide to leave the College?
You must return the device to the College or alternatively pay the outstanding payments to take ownership of the device.


Why have the College chosen these devices ?
There are a wide range of tablet and laptopstyle devices available on the market. We have conducted extensive research when considering the type of device that would be best suited to learners in our college, depending on the course and/or level of your studies.


What device is best for my course?


HP 255 15.6” Laptop, AMD Athlon-305OU, 4GB RAM, 128 GB SSD Windows 10 & Case 

  • 1 Payment – £410.71 
  • 12 Months – £40.44 per month 
  • 24 Months – £21.80 per month 
  • Suitable for students studying: Health and Social Care (including Nurse Cadets), Early Years and Education, Sports and Public Services, Construction (Not Electrical), Hair & Beauty, Transitions in Learning, Catering and Hospitality

HP 255 15” Laptop G7 AMD Ryzen 5 3500U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Windows 10 Pro & Case 

  • 1 Payment – £671.90 
  • 12 Months – £65.53 per month 
  • 24 Months – £35.09 per month 
  • Suitable for students studying: Art, Business, Level 1-3 Engineering (including Motor Vehicle and Welding), Electrical, Computing without 3D design 

Dell Latitude 3510 15.6”, i7-10510U, Nvidia GeForce MX230 w/2GB, 16GB Ram, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro & case 

  • 1 Payment – £1,206.01 
  • 12 Months – £116.83 
  • 24 Months – £62.28 
  • Suitable for students studying NCFN courses, Level 4+ Engineering, Computing with 3D design 


If you have any further questions, please contact the Tech 4 Learners team.

t: 0203 857 5630