University Level Application Guidance

Essential Information

As a provider of higher education and training, the college is expected to be transparent about the courses offered. This is so applicants clearly understand what the college will provide in exchange for any course fees. On this page you will find a range of documents which offer guidance on your rights and the college’s higher education terms and conditions for students studying higher education at Lakes College. In enrolling as a student at Lakes College you are accepting these terms and conditions, and they will form part of your contract.

Please note:

  • Every student of Lakes College becomes liable for tuition fees upon enrolment. Reimbursement of these fees is at the discretion of the College’s Finance team.
  • Tuition fees are not normally refunded to or in respect of a student who withdraws or is excluded during the session.
  • Lakes College reserves the right not to grant a qualification where academic fees are still owing to the college. Primarily this constitutes tuition fees, but the college reserves the right to deem other unpaid academic related fees as academic debt.

Please carefully read all of the following documents before pursuing any university level course application.

Higher Education Terms and Conditions 2019-20

Student Consumer Rights

Lakes College Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Policy on Code of Behaviour

College Network Code of Conduct

College Network Acceptable Use Policy

Admissions Procedure x

University of Cumbria – Student-Complaints Policy Procedure 201718

UCLAN Partner Appeals Process 2019-20

Single Equality Policy

Fees Policy 2019-20

Data Protection Policy

Complaints Procedure

Assessment Planning, Tracking and Marking of Learners’ Work Procedure

Assessment Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

Appeals Against Assessment Decisions Procedure

Lakes College Access to Higher Education Statement

Lakes College Freedom of Speech Policy

Higher Education Student Protection Plan 2019-20

Transparency review tables