Higher Education Fees & Loans

Course/ Level 2020/21
Fee Total Per Year Part Time 18m Courses Yr 1 or 2
HNC Part Time (18 months) £4,000 £2,667 £1,333
HNC Full Time (1 Year) £4,000 £4,000
HND Part Time (18 months) £4,000 £2,667 £1,333
HND Full Time (1 Year) £4,000 £4,000
HNC  Full Time (1 Year) Lancaster & Morecambe Provision £5,000 £5,000
HND Full Time (1 Year) Lancaster & Morecambe Provision £5,000 £5,000
Foundation Degree Part Time £12,000 £4,000
Foundation Degree Full Time £12,000 £6,000
PGCE Full Time £5,950 £5,950
BSC (Hons) Degree  Full Time £6,000 £6,000
BSC (Hons) Degree  Part Time (2yrs) £6,000 £4,000 £2,000
BEng (Hons) Degree  Full Time £6,000 £6,000
BEng (Hons) Degree Part Time (2yrs) £6,000 £4,000 £2,000

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*Fees – Please note that these fees are for 2020/21 and may be subject to change for 2021/22.*

Did you know there is financial help available if you want to go to study one of our Higher Education courses? So you don’t have to pay for course fees up front!

Find out more about how and when to apply for student finance here.

Tuition Fee Loan

English or EU full-time or part-time students can apply online to Student Finance England for a tuition fee loan. This is paid directly to the College on your behalf.

Maintenance loans and grants (full-time students only)
Tuition fee loans pay for your course. Maintenance loans and grants help with living costs (e.g. accommodation, books and bills). Tuition fee and maintenance loans are repayable but maintenance grants are not. Your repayments are linked to your income. You only make repayments when your income is over £25,000 a year. If your income drops below this amount repayments stop.

Each month you pay back 9% of any income over £25,000.

Monthly loan repayments

Your income per year  Monthly repayments
£25,000 and under No repayments
£27,000 £15
£31,000 £45
£33,000 £60

After 30 years, if you have not paid back your loan any outstanding balance will be written off.

How to apply
Apply online to Student Finance England https://www.gov.uk/student-finance

For more information on estimating what your loan repayments will be visit