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McMenon Engineering Services Ltd

Level 3 Mechanical Engineering

McMenon Engineering Services Ltd has been a leading provider of flow and temperature measurement solutions for over 70 years and supply to more than 50 countries around the world. At its 10,000sqm site in Workington, the company has built up a global reputation for manufacturing quality specialist products for a range of industries including energy, water, nuclear, defence, food and beverage and process industries.

McMenon Chief Operations Officer Shiby Bernard talks about why apprentices are so key to the future of business:

A key focus for McMenon is looking to the future – and that is why our apprentices are so important to the business.

One of our mantras is Investing in innovation and the next generation as we see that as building and safeguarding both our company and workforce for the future.

We like to think that we are inspired by the past and motivated by the future. We cannot ignore the wealth of experience that some of our senior team have under their belts.

But, equally, the next generation have a different approach and way of thinking that can only inspire new ideas and ways of working.

We live in a rapidly changing, technology-led, world and the next generation of youngsters will be the ones to help our business forge ahead.

At McMenon we have a strong reputation for investing in our trainees and helping them to develop, to be the best that they can be.

Our production manager Richard Fell began his career at our Workington factory as an apprentice welder and went on to climb the ladder to the position he now holds.

As well as his factory role, Richard has also led the development and delivery of apprenticeships and traineeships for the past 15 years.

And he has been directly responsible for the majority of the 50 apprentices and trainees working within McMenon across all sectors over the years.

Richard was recently rewarded when he was named in The Manufacturer’s Top 100 for 2021, as an Unsung Hero. The awards recognise the most dynamic leaders and innovators in manufacturing.

A key component for McMenon is encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I believe that we need diversity of thought and that comes from being different people, of different ages, from different backgrounds. It’s already there, you don’t need to manufacture it, we just need to accept it.

Different people have different creativity, who would want to miss that?

We currently have two apprentices on welding programmes with Lakes College and have worked with them closely as a training provider as we aim to create an organisation that is innovative, sustainable and progressive by continuing to look to the next generation to build for the future.

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