Looking for a career in business? Join Lakes College

If you’re looking for a career in business, Lakes College can help you realise your dream.

The skills which are taught on the Level 2 and 3 business courses help pave the way for a career in many areas including marketing, human resources, accounting and project management.

A high percentage of learners who study business at the Lillyhall-based college, then move onto an apprenticeship or employment.

Abby Nelson, curriculum operations leader for creative design, digital and business at the college said the courses are perfect for getting people into an apprenticeship.

“Our Level 2 business course is a pre apprenticeship, this course is designed to get you an apprenticeship in business admin,” she explains. “We will help you find apprenticeships right from September. You will be supported in writing your CV, applying for business admin, apprenticeships and getting you ready for interview. Along with learning all of the necessary skills to move you towards being able to work in business.”

Well-known west Cumbrian businesswoman Dianne Richardson said: “These courses allow the learners to develop an understanding of a business in all its parts.

“Not only does this help them make an informed choice about their future career, but benefits the organisation they join because they bring an understanding of how their actions and contributions affect other areas of the business.

“Learners also build up their contacts through the course, something I still benefit from 10 years after studying for my degree at the college.”

It all depends on whether you’ve gained an English and maths Grade 4 at GCSEs, as to whether you join the Level 2 or Level 3.

The one year course can be a route to an apprenticeship such as business administration, digital marketer, project management or accounts payable.

Learners can then progress into a career in marketing, human resources, accounting and project management. This includes jobs such as personal assistant, business administration, social media coordinator or human resources assistant.

Holly Wright, has recently completed a Level 3 business course at the college and would recommend those with an interest in the area to follow in her footsteps.

Speaking about her favourite part of the course, she said: “It’s quite interactive. The teachers are friendly, it’s not like school as the course is quite collaborative. The environment is also really friendly.”

Asked what her top tip for somebody looking to study the business course, Holly said: “There’s no need to be shy. Even if you don’t talk to people, the teachers are trying to get you involved constantly.”

Holly aspires to have a career in project management and is currently waiting to hear of she’s got an apprenticeship with Sellafield.

Another student on the Level 3 course is Leon Minchella, who started at the college straight from school.

He said: “Everything about the course is great. The experience you get from it – you get to work in an office as well as learn how to improve on your skills – the tutors are amazing.

“Customer service was the best topic to be learning, which helped in my work placement as well. I got to put my skills into practice when answering phones at the placement, meaning I learned on the job quickly.”

And Leon’s advice to those interested in applying: “Just go ahead and do it because it’s better than just thinking about it and not doing anything. You learn so much from the course, has everything that everyone needs. There’s always something that interests you because it covers everything.”

Leon said the support he received from his tutors was brilliant. “They helped a lot and were always there for you,” he said. “When looking for a job or looking for apprenticeships – they are happy to give you a reference. If you ever needed help with something, they would help explain in different ways so you can understand it.”

Leon now hopes to get a Level 4 business admin apprenticeship.

Mia Whitelock, has also studied the Level 3 course and said her best memories are meeting new people and the teachers.

“I found it interesting in all aspects across the course,” she said. “It can get you into apprenticeships, but you can go into everything ¬– it opens a lot of doors.”

Anybody interested in applying for the business course in September, can find out more information at, by emailing or calling 01946 839300, option 2.