Lakes E-Safety

JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee – the UK higher education, further education and skills sectors’ not for profit organisation for digital services and solutions).

Current and emerging technologies present so many opportunities for new ways of learning, but with it comes a number of challenges for universities and colleges in ensuring their learners know how to behave safely and responsibly in the digital space.

Developing a clear policy, promoting awareness of good practice through curriculum innovation, and investing in a continued programme of both staff and student development can all help drive forward the safeguarding agenda.

In order for students to make the most of digital technologies for sharing, collaborating and research, everyone has a role to play in championing safe and responsible behaviours online.

JISC (2015) Safeguarding learners online. Available at:

How does Lakes College improve e-safety awareness?

At Lakes College we appreciate the learning opportunities the internet can bring, but are aware of the risks.

To increase our learners’ awareness of e-safety we encourage everyone to visit the following websites:

The following guides will also be useful when using social media:

Twitter Checklist
Snapchat Checklist
Facebook Checklist
Instagram Checklist

In addition all of our learners accept and sign a code of conduct