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Case Studies

Read about how studying a Flexible Learning course has helped some of our previous learners.

Case Studies

At Lakes College we offer more than 40 free* Flexible Learning courses which you can study from your own home – or wherever you fancy!

Read below to find out what those who have completed courses have to say about them.

Andrew Mcminn, 21, from Seaton, heard about the courses through a friend and said they seemed like a ‘fantastic way’ to further his studies and employability while still honouring his full-time job and other commitments.

He has completed the Lean Organisation and Management Techniques course and plans to do more.

Andrew said: “I decided to do the course to gain a better understanding of a subject that I know I will rely on later in my career,” he said. “As well as this, this qualification and my willingness to learn in this way are sure to help my employability.”
The course structure is very flexible –  Andrew completed parts on the kitchen table and others on the bus on the way to work!

He added: “I would recommend the course to others who want to further their understanding of a wide variety of topics without having an impact on their daily life. Whatever your requirements, there’ll almost certainly be a flexible learning course for you.”


Olivia Winter, 21, from Whitehaven, works in HR and Business Support and has completed 2 courses with Lakes College – Understanding Data Protection and Data Security and Understanding Workplace Violence and Harassment. She is also in the process of completing a third in Principles of Business Administration.

Asked why she studied the courses, Olivia said: “When we first started working from home and went into lockdown I was encouraged by my employer to get some training in while we all adjusted and some of our supply chain/ customers were closed so had a little bit of spare time. “The courses were ideal as I could stop and start at my own pace and fit it around what I was doing.”

Olivia said she received plenty of support from the college through both the application process and the actual course itself.

She added: “I have already recommended these courses to others at work and within my family! I think they’re a great resource to tap into especially while there is funding available.”

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