Employer case study: Toman Contracting Ltd

Toman Contracting Ltd have had four apprentices via Lakes College. Two have completed their apprenticeships and were employed afterwards and two of them are still studying.

We asked Toman Contracting Ltd a few questions!

What made you choose Lakes College?

Lakes College is locally based and we like to give youngsters the opportunity to develop their skills/knowledge.

What benefits do apprentices bring to your business?

Giving the chance of an apprenticeship can offer as many benefits to the business as it can to the apprentice. An apprentice can help your business become more socially and technically aware and can put a new perspective on things. It is a great way for a small business to develop home grown talent and can assist in filling skills gaps and boosting production.

How has COVID affected your business?

It hasn’t affected our programme of work. We have had to put things in place to ensure we have a safe working environment.

Will you be recruiting apprentices in the future?

Yes. It is my aim to have two apprentices a year.

What support has Lakes College provided you in relation to your business?

I am happy with the support we receive from Lakes College. I feel we are kept well informed of the criteria associated with recruiting of apprentices.

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