Employer Case Study: Heather Holmes (Copeland Borough Council)

What made you choose Lakes College?

Lakes College offers our apprentices the ability to utilise online and face-to-face learning as appropriate. Accessibility is key in ensuring the success of our students.

What benefits do apprentices bring to your business?

Apprenticeships permit me as a manager to develop skills sets relevant to my organisation with an individual that is keen to learn new skills.

How was COVID affected your business?

Covid19 has closed our face-to-face offering within the Customer Services Department. All work is currently being completed by digital methods.

Will you be recruiting apprentices in the future?

Hopefully we can continue to recruit albeit apprenticeships will be completed via different learning platforms.

What support has Lakes College provided you in relation to your business?

Continued to support business to offer flexible learning for apprentice whilst working in uncertain times.


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