Discovering Futuristic Technologies at Lakes College

A group of Lakes College learners took a leap into the future of healthcare as a range of modern tools and resources were demonstrated. 

Rachel Bass, the college’s resident Virtual Reality Specialist, demonstrated how some of the futuristic technology could be used in practical situations within the healthcare sector. 

Students in the second year of their Level 3 Nurse Cadet course downloaded an app which allowed them to visualise the human body by pointing their camera at a specially made tshirt. 

Rachel said: “Augmented Reality (AR) is the latest up and coming technology in the industry. I really enjoy presenting to the students and want to do a lot more in college.” 

Rebecca Woods, 18, said: “I thought it was great – very informative and something which I’d like to do more of as it helps with my studies. 

“It’s weird knowing that we all use it (AR) every day when we’re using Snapchat filters.” 

Anya Smith, 17, said: “I thought it gave us an insight into what you can do in nursing and how healthcare is developing at a fast pace. 

“I knew about AR and Virtual Reality (VR) previously, but didn’t know it could be used like this. It gave an insight into what can actually go on in the human body.” 

Lecturer Lynsey Taylor said: “It’s absolutely brilliant working with Rachel. AR and VR, which we’ve used in the past with previous cohorts, is absolutely phenomenal as it helps turn theory into practise.”