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There is a national shortage of engineers, so engineering really is a smart career to get in to. We’ve got plenty of options so you can pursue either a practical, workshop-based career, or if you a problem solver then will teach you to design and build solutions on a computer. We have recently invested over £1 million in our facilities to provide our students with access to the best facilities and equipment so they are skill ready when they leave the door.

Female wearing a royal blue boiler suit, red gloves, think black plastic safety goggles and red hairl
Between 2010-2020 there will be an estimated 1.76m engineering-related vacancies logo
When I was little I was always hanging around with my Dad while he was building and fixing things. I believe that is where my choice to study Engineering came from. In my first year at college we covered a broad range of topics including mechanical engineering, fitting and welding. I have chosen to specialise in Welding as I love the hands-on approach it give me. I like to get stuck in and get my hands dirty, sitting behind a desk all day is definitely not for me.  

Naomi Willis