Public Services

There are few careers that are always in demand. But no matter what the political landscape or the economic climate, Public Services will always offer career choices for the active and enthusiastic.


Public service jobs offer another option for working in local communities in West Cumbria – whether upholding the law as a police officer, attending emergencies in the Ambulance Service or even protecting the nation as a member of the armed service.

Students describe this course as so much more than the emergency services, with learning experiences like planning for a major incident, crime psychology and fitness training. This, coupled with our experienced tutors, give you a real insight in to your chosen career.

A look of concentration is etched on the face of a young blonde woman, who is dressed in a Lakes College hooded top with two spotlights shining behind her
20.3% of people working in the north west are employed by the public sector logo
I have always wanted to go in to the police, but this course is so much more than learning about the emergency services. You get a chance to learn about what happens “behind the scenes”, like planning for major incidents, fitness testing and exploring the theories on what makes people commit crimes.

Shannon Fawcett