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Roadworks are set to be carried out at Harrington which will affect traffic to Lakes College starting from Monday, January 30th.

The roadworks will last up to six weeks and students are advised to allow plenty of time to travel to college, especially on GCSE mock exam dates – Tuesday, January 31st and Thursday, February 2nd.

Stagecoach has recommended people catching a bus into college should get on an earlier bus, particularly at the start of the first week as disruptions are at their highest during the beginning of roadworks.

All bus passes including those issued by Cumbria County Council will be accepted if different routes need to be used.

Equality & Diversity at Lakes College

A message from our principal

“Our aim, here at Lakes College, is to create an environment in which each of our students, all of our visitors and customers, and every member of staff, feels equally valued. In order to do this we will endeavour, always, to treat everyone with respect, and as an individual.

We are working hard to ensure that our teaching methods, our support services, and all of our college systems are designed to take account of each individual’s differing needs. We acknowledge that this will be an ongoing process, which requires the comprehensive engagement of representatives of all the many groups of people with which we work, and who work with us; and we will monitor our progress as we move forward.

Our college is committed to the ideal of making a positive impact on the lives of all those we encounter, whatever their race, religion or religious belief, age, sexuality, gender or ability; and in the statement that follows, we are putting in place the actions required to allow us to achieve this goal.”

Chris Nattress, Principal