Apprentice case study: Olivia Bell

Olivia Bell started a Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship with Toman Contracting Ltd in September 2020, via Lakes College.

We asked her a few questions about her experience.

What made you choose an apprenticeship with Lakes College?

I chose an apprenticeship with Lakes College as I thought it would be a really good experience to learn new skills and then be able to put these in to practice by working.

What do you love about your apprenticeship?

I enjoy learning new skills every day and developing my knowledge within the business administration industry with the help of my tutor and colleagues at Toman Contracting Ltd.

What would you say to somebody who is considering doing an apprenticeship?

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anybody who wants to learn new skills as it is a great opportunity which will help you in your career path.

Has studying an apprenticeship with us helped you in terms of employability and learning skills on the job?

I feel studying this apprenticeship will definitely help me in terms of employability in the future as I will have so much more experience and knowledge which will be helpful when trying to secure a full-time business administration position after my apprenticeship.

What support did you receive during your apprenticeship?

I received support from my tutor at Lakes College by having meetings every 3 weeks to discuss my progress and to set me new action plans to complete. I also received support from my colleagues within Toman Contracting Ltd who have trained me to do my current job role.

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