Apprentice Case Study: Kate Singleton

Name, Kate Singleton 

Current Job Role Commercial Administrator 

Where you went to school Whitehaven School 

Why you wanted to get into administration I wanted to go in an administration as I find the work challenging, interesting and I knew there was going to be a wide range of opportunities, routes and paths to take. 

How you got the job with Morgan Sindall I got my job with MS through a programme called Creating Career in Cumbria. Creating Career in Cumbria is an initiative sponsored the council, Morgan Sindall, ARUP and supported by GEN 2, Job Centre and Lakes College. The programme was put together to offer meaningful training and work experience to local unemployed people. The program offers team building, leadership and development on the individual. I completed this programme and my three week work experience was with Morgan Sindall which I was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship. 

What made you choose an apprenticeship with Lakes College I chosen an apprenticeship route because I’m not the type of person who can learn new things from studying and reading books and being in a classroom. Apprenticeships I believe are the way forward you gain all the training and experience you need whilst on the job. Apprenticeships help you to gain the skills and knowledge for that industry. 

What was the apprenticeship framework or standard you did with Lakes College and for how long Business Administration, the apprenticeship was for 24 months. 

What did/ do you love about your apprenticeship What I loved about my apprenticeship was the skills and knowledge I learnt from others who have been in the industry for a long while. I enjoyed being treated like a member off staff even with only being an apprentice. 

Has studying an apprenticeship with Lakes College  helped you in terms of employability and learning skills on the job 100% yes they guided me right through my apprenticeship and my mentor Amanda was excellent I couldn’t of asked for better help or guidance. 

What support did you receive during your apprenticeship My support from my Mentor Amanda from Lakes College & My manager Tammy Burns also the team I worked with during my apprenticeship 

What would you say to somebody who is considering doing an apprenticeship? Go for it!! The best decision I ever made! 

What is you current full time role within your business, what does it entail Commercial Administrator working within the Pre Construction team on the ISA. My job entails briefly providing office support to different teams and helping the business run smoothly. I manage excel document spreadsheets, I deal with diary management, I book transport, hotel and conference meetings. My duties also include telephone calls, setting up arrange meetings, creating spreadsheet, filing. Overall my work load in increasing as I develop my knowledge and learn new skills and area within the business. 

What you enjoy about your current role I enjoy the constant learning and experiences that come my way, I enjoy all the training I get from my line manager and team. I enjoy the work load I have and look forward to be developing it further. 

What are your future career aspiration My career aspirations are to grow with Morgan Sindall, expand my knowledge and develop new skills and get to know the wider teams and gain more qualifications.