Apprentice Case Study: Jason Ashworth


Name, Jason Ashworth

Current Job Role. Site Engineer

What was the apprenticeship framework or standard you did with Lakes College and for how long: I have completed a range of different courses to support my progression – from a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment, to my latest a Level 6 Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering, which included a Honours top up in Civil Engineering.

What did/ do you love about your apprenticeship. It allowed me to gaining on site experience while being able to progress academically on day release.

What type of placements did you do through your apprenticeship. Through my placement I was assigned to a project that enabled me to experience a whole area of areas including substation construction, drainage works, cable routes, cable bridge installation and transformer pen construction.

Has studying an apprenticeship with Lakes College helped you in terms of employability and learning skills on the job. Yes, some aspects of the course applied directly to my job role and other parts applied to having an increased general knowledge of the industry and parts of my future roles, supporting personal development.

What support did you receive during your apprenticeship. Knowledge support from my colleagues to better my understanding of the industry that I work in. Time to work on my qualifications while learning in the work environment.

What would you say to somebody who is considering doing an apprenticeship? An Apprenticeship is a good way of furthering your experiences while learning academically, rather than studying fortwo – four years and then trying to gain experience which can cause difficulties when applying for jobs.

What is your current full time role within your business, what does it entail. Site Engineer at Morgan Sindall Infrastructure. Setting and levelling of construction based works. Surveying of position and level of existing ground layouts and completed works. Quality assurance checking, material take on/Reconciliation. Locating and Identifying of underground services prior to excavation works.

What do you enjoy about your current role. The mixture between being in an office and working outdoors. Being involved with the technical side of construction and seeing the transformation of work areas. Making a difference.

What are your future career aspiration . My next step career aspiration is to become a section engineer.. My overall aspiration is to move up into project management.


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