Apprentice Case Study: Danielle Parr

Name: Danielle Parr

Current Job Role: Training Coordinator

Where you went to school: St Benedicts School

Why you wanted to get into administration: The work is interesting and challenging, It is a vital function within a business unit. I can challenge myself within this role and there is always room for learning and development.

How you got the job with Morgan Sindall: I took part in an programme set up by Morgan Sindall called Creating Careers in Cumbria. It gave me experience working in an administrative role that I was unfamiliar with, I spent four weeks shadowing a document controller. The four weeks where well spent, I feel I learned a lot and enjoyed carrying out the role and assisting and working within a team as well as being left to carry out tasks independently. Once I completed the programme I was offered a position split between two teams, document control and admin for the training team. Later down the line I joined the Training team full time.

What made you choose an apprenticeship with Lakes College: that they had a vast variety of courses and have a lovely team of staff to also the convenience it was local to me which was brilliant for me as I have a young child.

What was the apprenticeship framework or standard you did with Lakes College and for how long: I have completed my Level 2 BETEC Business with a Double Distinction* prior to starting my role with Morgan Sindall, this was a year of theory work as well as two exams. My apprenticeship was a two year learning while working on the job – NVQ Level 3 Administration apprentice.

What did/ do you love about your apprenticeship: that not all of it was assignment consisted of producing pages and pages of evidence in written question and answer format, I was able to provide, product, professional discussions or even witness testimony to support my units. I also enjoyed that I was able to carry out my full apprenticeship in the work place and my assessor would visit me in my place of work and see what I do on a daily basis.

What type of placements did you do through your apprenticeship: I did my apprenticeship while working my full time role that advanced from administration assistant to training coordinator during the duration of my apprenticeship.

Has studying an apprenticeship with Lakes College helped you in terms of employability and learning skills on the job: it has given me a better understanding of all the different types of works and roles that come within administration and support.

What support did you receive during your apprenticeship: I received support from my assessor who was always on the other end of the phone if I required support or assistant and she was super supportive and friendly. I also received support from my line manager and colleagues who has also completed similar apprenticeships and learning.

What would you say to somebody who is considering doing an apprenticeship? Yes it’s a brilliant was to learn and study while on the job it give you a deeper understanding that just learning theory.

If appropriate, what you did in terms of Further education (HNC): something to look into in the future.

What is you current full time role within your business, what does it entail: Training coordinator,

• Recording & Archiving of employee information, training and certifications.

• Complying with GDPR 2018.

• Maintaining and updating training database.

• Booking of internal / External Training

• Deal with general enquires.

• Track and record new starters.

• Carrying out Compliance Coordinators tasks.

• Producing competency reports for project teams.

• Updating and developing documents and ensuring outdated documents are archived.

What you enjoy about your current role: being able to assist and help clients and colleagues and has a sense of achieving something or making something easier for another person. I also like that I can work independently and as well as a strong formed close nit team and how we can bounce of each other when support each other on a task.

What are your future career aspiration: I am currently happy in my job role and are still developing myself personally as well as professionally. I plan to further develop my knowledge and skills before progression possibly into another area of administration.


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