Apprentice Case Study: Ashleigh Radcliffe

Ashleigh Radcliffe studied her apprenticeship with Morgan Sindall Infrastructure via Lakes College, and is currently a Technical Coordinator of Training and Compliance at the company.

We asked her a few questions about her experience…

What was the apprenticeship you studied with Lakes College and for how long?

Initially I completed the CMI Level 3 Diploma – in first line management alongside the OCR L3 NVQ Diploma Business & Administration, this took 18 months. I then went onto completing an HND in Business management which took an additional 18 months.

What type of placements did you do throughout your apprenticeship?

The aim of my apprenticeship was to specialise in a specific function within the company, therefore I completed monthly placements within some of the teams at Morgan Sindall Infrastructure. These teams included, finance, preconstruction, quality and lastly training. I found this beneficial as it allowed me to understand how the different teams enabled the company to function as a whole.

What did your first full time role as a Training Coordinator entail?

When I first joined the training team, my role was training compliance coordinator – this consisted of checking individuals’ qualifications and ensuring that they were suitably qualified to carry out their role. To do this individuals are assessed against competency assessments for their specific roles, within these assessments it outlines they key competencies of the job role and the qualification required. A individual would complete this assessment and this would Identify any training gaps, which I would then process training bookings and track their progress and qualifications in our training database.

Have you progressed during your time at Morgan Sindall Infrastructure?

Since joining the training team, as a training coordinator, I have progressed within my role and I now have my own team of two training coordinators.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy my role as my daily duties vary therefore no day is the same, in addition to this I meet a lot of new people as the role consists of me working with people from various professions.


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