University Level Application Guidance

Essential Information

As a provider of higher education and training, the college is expected to be transparent about the courses offered. This is so applicants clearly understand what the college will provide in exchange for any course fees. Please carefully read all of the following documents before pursuing any university level course application.

Student Consumer Rights

Higher Education Fees 2017

Strategy Report 2017-2018

Policy on Code of Behaviour

Pearson BTEC assessment overview 2015

College Network Code of Conduct

College Network Acceptable Use Policy

Admissions Procedure

University of Cumbria – Student-Complaints Policy Procedure 201718

Single Equality Policy

Fees Policy 201718

Data Protection Policy

Complaints Procedure

Assessment Planning, Tracking and Marking of Learners’ Work Procedure

Assessment Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

Appeals Against Assessment Decisions Procedure

Lakes College Higher Education Strategy