Lakes College building new flagship electrical suite

Twelve trainees on a JTL Traineeship are helping the Electrical Department at Lakes College to develop and build a brand new electrical suite. The new suite will be situated in the state of the art Construction Skills Centre at Lakes College, and will comprise of an area where students can learn and develop electrical installation skills, a space to teach electrical inspection and testing, and a dedicated assessment centre.

The project should take a total of twelve weeks, and is being overseen by Lakes College tutors, Richard Palmer, Clinton Stamper and Rachel Chadwicke. They hope to have the suite up and running by September.

Richard Palmer, an electrical installation tutor, says, “We wanted it to be specially designed so it’s like a car showroom; everything is exposed so that the students can see all the infrastructure, plumbing and electrical equipment. All the facilities and equipment will be flexible and can be adapted depending on training needs, so it has maximum flexibility and functionality. Our aim is for this suite to be a flagship of electrical training.”

Three weeks into the project, the trainees have already applied their skills to design and build a prototype workstation. Once the prototype has been finalised and tested, the trainees will be actively engaged in the construction of ten workspace modules. Upon completion, the suite will provide sixty additional workspaces which the Electrical Department can use to deliver quality training to both students and businesses.

Ethan Lawson, 16, from Whitehaven, comments, “It’s a good opportunity and we gain valuable experience from the project. We get to show off our existing skills, as well as have the opportunity to develop some new ones.”

The electrical provision at Lakes College delivers both part-time and full-time courses in the installation of electrical equipment in buildings, structures and the environment. The twelve trainees are on the JTL Traineeship, a government sponsored initiative, and are sponsored by PPS and Balfour Beatty.